What Rabbitohs changed to flip title race

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South Sydney went into past weekend's qualifying last arsenic monolithic outsiders, but are crediting a newfound antiaircraft alloy and immoderate hyper-aggression from their forwards arsenic the cardinal to reversing their fortunes.

The Rabbitohs had nary occupation scoring points each year, but had conceded a whopping 157 successful their 4 games against the NRL's apical 2 teams, Penrith and Melbourne.

Mark Nicholls carries the shot past Saturday. (Getty)

The extremity effect of a crippled program built astir hard and accelerated interaction was a celebrated victory, successful which they conceded conscionable 1 effort (which came disconnected an ingenious Nathan Cleary banana kick).

"I deliberation successful the backmost of our caput arsenic a guardant pack, we knew that's wherever the crippled was gonna beryllium won," said prop Mark Nicholls.

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The 31-year-old said his broadside had been gathering and improving defensively each year, and that they had yet managed to enactment an 80-minute show together.

"They've been 1 of the amended packs successful the comp for a mates of years now, and we knew that we had to conscionable them with enactment velocity and aggression," helium said.

Rising prima Keaon Koloamatangi was blunt successful his appraisal of the team's show up beforehand successful their erstwhile 2021 encounters against the Panthers.

"Obviously, the past 2 times we versed (sic) Penrith, they gave it to america done the middle," helium said.

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"We knew that we had to commencement hard, and commencement fast, and I deliberation that's what we did. We conscionable had to support that up for the full 80.

"We cognize what we tin bash arsenic guardant battalion erstwhile we're connected our A-Game."

"I thought arsenic a full team, our antiaircraft process was connected the full game," said centre Campbell Graham, who was tasked with shutting down Penrith's vaunted close borderline - and passed the trial with flying colours.

The Rabbitohs observe a try. (Getty)

"Just the effort areas I deliberation is what the coaching unit are astir pleased with.

"You don't cognize whether you mightiness beryllium determination to marque the tackle oregon not, but arsenic agelong arsenic you're putting yourself successful the framework and you're moving hard for eachother, you tin beauteous overmuch screen each the threats."

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Graham said the antiaircraft close borderline of himself, Jaydn Su'A, Adam Reynolds and Jaxson Paulo had afloat spot successful 1 different and had been gathering towards a show similar past week.

"I'm precise assured successful the players astir me, we person a bully strategy there," helium said.

"I deliberation it's lone going to get tougher from present and we're conscionable going to person to support gathering disconnected the play and support locking it down."

Wayne Bennett's men volition bask a week off, earlier facing the victor of Friday night's sudden decease semi-final betwixt Manly and the Roosters.

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