The ongoing pandemic has halted these concerts and festivals

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(CNN)Just erstwhile we thought unrecorded euphony was coming back, there's been a pause.

With the Delta variant stretching the pandemic retired adjacent further astir the world, performance tours and festivals person erstwhile again been postponed oregon canceled -- the latest being the planned satellite circuit of K-pop superstar group, BTS.

Here's a database of immoderate others impacted this year:


      Lightning successful a Bottle

      Organizers of the California euphony festival announced March 1 that the lawsuit - which is usually held implicit Memorial Day play - would beryllium backmost May 25-30, 2022.

      CMA Fest

      The time aft Lightning successful a Bottle made their announcement, the Country Music Association canceled CMA Fest successful Nashville.

      "We cognize our fans adjacent and acold person hoped that the festival could safely instrumentality this summer, and portion we are encouraged to spot COVID-19 vaccines becoming much wide available, we inactive look respective challenges that forestall america from bringing our fans astir the satellite the CMA Fest acquisition they person travel to expect," Sarah Trahern, CMA CEO isaid n a statement. "But remainder assured, we person already started readying what volition beryllium the astir epic solemnisation of state euphony adjacent summer. Mark your calendars for CMA Fest June 9-12, 2022!"

      BST Hyde Park

      Held implicit 2 weekends with six performance days successful London, organizers announced connected March 30 that they would beryllium pushing the July lawsuit to July 2022 with headliners Pearl Jam and Duran Duran acceptable to execute then.

      Burning Man

      Instead of being held the week earlier Labor Day successful Black Rock City, Nevada, Burning Man volition instrumentality successful 2022, it was announced connected April 27.


      On June 23 the organizers of the monolithic two-weekend physics euphony lawsuit held successful Boom, Belgium, posted a connection saying, "It is with dense bosom our enactment indispensable denote that the 16th variation of Tomorrowland Belgium cannot instrumentality spot successful 2021."

      The festival plans to return successful March 22.

      Dierks Bentley's Seven Peaks Music Festival

      The state prima took to Instagram connected July 9 to denote that his three-day camping festival scheduled to beryllium held implicit Labor Day play isn't happening.

      "I truly could not beryllium much bummed astir it," Bentley said successful his post. "We tried everything to marque it happen, but Chaffee County has decided against lifting capableness restrictions."

      New Orleans Jazz Fest

      Louisiana has been hard deed by the pandemic, and connected August 8 organizers announced that the festival - which had already been moved from Spring 2021 to November - had been canceled for a 2nd year.

      Concert tours

      Roger Waters

      On March 27, Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters announced connected his site that his "This Is Not A Drill" circuit was being postponed until 2022, adding that "if it saves 1 life, it's worthy it."

      Rage Against the Machine & Run the Jewels

      The stone set and the hep hop duo had teamed up for their "Public Service Announcement" Tour, but connected April 8 the authoritative Rage Against the Machine Twitter relationship tweeted that it was being postponed until Spring 2022.

      Michael Bublé

      On August 6 it was announced that Bublé's US August circuit dates were being "postponed owed to concerns implicit the rising fig of Coronavirus infections."

      Limp Bizkit

      Increasing cases besides caused Limp Bizkit to cancel their "Limited Last Minute Post Pandemic Popup Party Edition" circuit arsenic per an August 9 announcement.

      Garth Brooks

        "In July, I sincerely thought the pandemic was falling down us, Garth Brooks said successful a connection astir restarting his summertime stadium tour. "Now, watching this caller wave, I recognize we are inactive successful the combat and I indispensable bash my part."

        For that crushed the state prima announced connected August 18 that helium would beryllium canceling his adjacent 5 shows.

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