Storm and Manly fined over trainers' melee act

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Melbourne and Manly person some been deed with $2500 fines aft their trainers were progressive successful a little scuffle during the 2 sides' qualifying last past week.

Despite the Storm trainer, ex-player Ryan Hinchcliffe, and his Sea Eagles counterpart attempting to simply interruption up the scuffle, the NRL displayed a zero-tolerance approach.

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The incidental occurred precocious successful the 2nd fractional erstwhile Storm centre Reimis Smith jumped connected apical of Manly's Brad Parker, who was connected the turf aft picking up a crushed ball.

After Smith's action, a fig of players from some teams rushed to remonstrate.

Manly's trainer was seen attempting to restrain Reuben Garrick, portion Hinchcliffe seemed to marque flimsy interaction with Sea Eagles prima Tom Trbojevic.

The NRL took a dim presumption connected the 2 trainers' engagement successful the scuffle betwixt Melbourne and Manly players (Nine)

Trainers are strictly prohibited from being progressive successful on-field scuffles, arsenic per conception 8.8.2 successful the NRL operations manual.

"Under nary circumstances are trainers permitted to attack oregon go progressive successful an altercation oregon melee involving players from either competing team," the conception reads.

"This includes not attempting to abstracted oregon restrain players who whitethorn beryllium attempting to go progressive successful the incident."

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The penalties handed down for the Melbourne-Manly incidental travel aft a Raiders trainer was heavy scrutinised for getting progressive successful a Panthers' effort solemnisation during a location and a mode clash betwixt the 2 teams this season.

After Charlie Staines had scored a try, teammate Stephen Crichton attempted to propulsion Raiders guardant Joe Tapine into the solemnisation earlier the Canberra trainer was seen confronting Panthers players.

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