Ring Video Doorbell 3 vs 3 Plus vs 4: Which is best for you?

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(Pocket-lint) - Ring announced 2 caller versions of its premium artillery powered astute doorbells past twelvemonth - the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus.

Earlier this twelvemonth Amazon-owned Ring followed them up with the Ring Video Doorbell 4, a somewhat upgraded exemplary which appears to person replaced the 3 Plus sitting supra the Doorbell 3 successful Ring's range. 

Here we're comparing each 3 models. 


What's the same? 

  • Battery-powered with a removable, rechargeable battery
  • 1080p Full HD video
  • 2.4 and 5GHz Wi-Fi for a much unchangeable connection
  • Advanced Motion Detection, Near Motion Zone, People Only Mode, Privacy Zones
  • Amazon Alexa and Echo Show/Fire TV support
  • Weather-resistant with interchangeable plates

All of these doorbells connection improvements implicit the older and now-defunct Ring Doorbell 2, notably the summation of 5GHz Wi-Fi (in summation to 2.4Ghz) and Advanced Motion Detection, which we'll travel onto successful a second. That volition beryllium utile successful homes wherever determination has been an contented getting connectivity betwixt a doorbell and router. 

They besides boast enactment for 1080p Full HD video. 

All of these doorbells are battery-powered similar the present discontinued Ring Video Doorbell, Ring Video Doorbell 2 and the still-available Door View Cam. There's a removable artillery battalion that you'll request to complaint up via USB each truthful often. Coincidentally, the cheapest battery-powered Ring Doorbell, the Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen), has to beryllium taken disconnected the partition to beryllium charged - the artillery can't beryllium removed. 

The Ring Video Doorbell Wired, Pro, Pro 2 and Elite are besides mains powered instead. 

All of Ring's scope present includes Advanced Motion Detection (enabling you to take People Only mode for question alerts) and a new, adjustable question zone, called Near Motion Zone. This detects question wrong 1.5 to 4.5m of the beforehand door, but you truly tin fine-tune it. 

There's besides the quality to person Privacy Zones truthful you can exclude areas of the camera tract of presumption from signaling should you privation to forestall thing from being recorded. You tin besides crook disconnected video oregon audio signaling astatine immoderate time.

As with different Ring doorbells, you tin simply say, "Alexa, amusement maine the beforehand door," to spot your Ring Video Doorbell 3’s Live View connected Fire TV oregon Echo Show devices. You tin besides say, "Alexa, reply the beforehand door," to statesman speaking with whoever is astatine their door.

Unfortunately, similar different Ring devices, there's nary compatibility with Google Assistant oregon Apple HomeKit. With Linked Devices successful the Ring app, you tin nexus your doorbell to compatible Ring Cams to make a azygous information system.


What's antithetic betwixt these 3 doorbells? 

  • Pre-roll is disposable connected the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus successful achromatic and white
  • Pre-roll is disposable connected the Ring Video Doorbell 4 successful colour
  • Pre-roll isn't contiguous connected the Ring Video Doorbell 3

The cardinal diagnostic that's missing from the Ring Video Doorbell 3, but contiguous connected the 3 Plus and 4 is Pre-Roll. This captures video constantly, meaning that erstwhile you get a question alert it enables you to spot the 4 seconds earlier you get the alert. 

In different words, you tin spot what caused the alert successful the archetypal place. So arsenic good arsenic seeing the transportation operator by your door, you tin present spot them locomotion down your path, too. It's besides truthful you tin spot the full of an incidental alternatively than conscionable the extremity of one. However, the video prime is not Full HD, portion there's besides nary audio for it. 

It's besides successful achromatic and achromatic lone connected the 3 Plus, portion it's successful colour connected the Ring Video Doorbell 4.



At present, determination isn't a large woody of quality betwixt the Ring Video Doorbell 3, 3 Plus and 4. The cardinal diagnostic is Pre-roll, which isn't contiguous connected the Ring Video Doorbell 3, is achromatic and achromatic connected the Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus but is colour connected the Ring Video Doorbell 4.

You tin spot wherefore Amazon appears to beryllium removing the 3 Plus from the scope since it's truthful akin to some of the others. 

If you're not that fussed astir Pre-roll, past see the entry-level Ring Video Doorbell (2nd gen) which is importantly cheaper. However, it doesn't travel with a removable artillery truthful you person to instrumentality the doorbell disconnected its equine to complaint it.  

A precocious updated Ring Chime and Chime Pro are disposable too, to alert you astatine different places wrong your home. The Ring Chime Pro erstwhile again is simply a Wi-Fi extender arsenic good arsenic a elemental doorbell chime, portion it additionally present has a nighttime light. Both person been redesigned to beryllium much aesthetically pleasing, with an Amazon Echo-style cloth panel.

Writing by Dan Grabham. Editing by Britta O'Boyle. Originally published connected 29 April 2020.

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