Microsoft PowerShell: Learn how to automate your workday

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Get much done with little effort by automating arsenic galore of your regular tasks arsenic you tin alternatively of manually performing each 1 yourself. Learn however to bash it with this class.


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There isn't overmuch that beats being capable to acceptable a large galore of our enactment tasks to conscionable execute themselves automatically alternatively of having to manually implicit each one. System administrators and IT professionals who whitethorn beryllium conscionable starting to usage Microsoft Powershell Scripting tin present rejoice due to the fact that the inexpensive Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle explains precisely however to usage automation to enactment much efficiently.

"Learning Task Automation Using Windows PowerShell" was created specifically to thatch IT professionals conscionable opening to familiarize themselves with PowerShell scripting however to automate tiny regular tasks successful a mode that tin amended the ratio of their workflows. The people covers Powershell fundamentals, specified arsenic however champion to grip files and utilizing the task scheduler for record purging, work restarts and more.

The "Active Directory (AD) Management Using Windows PowerShell" people tin thatch strategy administrators however PowerShell scripting tin beryllium utilized to automate regular tasks that are Active Directory-related. It covers the basics of PowerShell and Active Directory, specified arsenic handling bulk requests, managing groups and users, and more.

The bundle's last course, "Advanced Scripting & Tool Making Using Windows PowerShell," provides much signifier for strategy administrators by utilizing real-world situations. There is adjacent accusation astir utilizing PowerShell to automate tasks that interact with products from companies different than Microsoft.

Former students of these courses person been precise blessed with them. Verified purchaser, Alex R., rated the bundle a cleanable 5 retired of 5 stars, and nicely sums up why: "Well-organized grooming connected PowerShell and its uses/functions. Power-user grooming astatine a tenable price."

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Take this accidental to find retired however to get much done with little effort by automating your work. Grab The Microsoft PowerShell Certification Bundle portion it's disposable for only $19 (regularly $600).

Prices taxable to change.

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