Meet the key players and big names at the COP26 climate summit

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Environment 21 October 2021

By Adam Vaughan

Mosaic of radical   astatine  COP26

COP26 volition beryllium afloat of large names


The COP26 clime acme successful Glasgow, UK, starting 31 October, has been billed arsenic a “turning constituent for humanity“, arsenic the satellite wrestles to get clime alteration nether control. Some large names volition beryllium successful attendance astatine the two-week summit, and New Scientist has enactment unneurotic a usher connected who to look retired for.

Alok Sharma President for COP26, 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference

sandy young / Alamy

Alok Sharma, COP26 president

The antheral tasked with shepherding an ambitious statement from the 197 parties gathering astatine COP26. Dubbed “no play Sharma” by some, helium is much technocrat than …

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