Leading Small Business Groups Demand Filibuster Carve Out For Voting Rights

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A conjugation of the nation’s starring tiny concern organizations is demanding a filibuster carve retired to walk voting rights.

Small Businesses Demand Filibuster Carve Out For Voting Rights

The conjugation representing 400,000 of the nation’s tiny businesses wrote successful a connection provided to PoliticusUSA:

Since January 1, 2021, astatine slightest 18 states enacted much than 30 laws establishing deliberate barriers to casting ballots freely, safely, and equally. Polling has revealed that entrepreneurs, particularly those of color, consciousness disadvantaged wrong the governmental strategy and privation equitable entree to the lawmakers and votes that interaction their livelihoods.

To avert this disastrous disenfranchising interaction connected our ideology and harm to our economy, starring tiny concern organizations collectively representing astir 400,000 of our country’s tiny businesses – Small Business Majority, American Sustainable Business Council, and Main Street Alliance – contiguous called for a carveout wrong filibuster rules, arsenic projected by Representative James Clyburn, to commencement the statement connected our close to ballot and past walk the Freedom to Vote Act. All Americans merit adjacent entree to the vote, and a steadfast ideology and system are predicated connected allowing each voices to interaction the governmental process.

Small Businesses Need A Thriving Democracy To Prosper.

“Today’s failed ballot by the U.S. Senate to let the statement to adjacent commencement connected the Freedom to Vote Act is disappointing quality for entrepreneurs,” said John Arensmeyer, Founder & CEO of Small Business Majority. “Protecting the close to ballot for each Americans, particularly those who person been marginalized, is captious to creating an equitable way to entrepreneurship and an inclusive economy.”

Small businesses are a pathway to accidental and a roadworthy retired of poorness for millions of Americans. I should cognize due to the fact that I’m 1 of those Americans. Small businesses are a tiny portion of the American imagination that provides a captious backbone to section economies.

The nation’s tiny businesses cognize that capitalism can’t genuinely flourish without democracy, and that is wherefore they are calling connected the Senate to support voting rights.

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