Is Sky about to launch its own smart TV?

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(Pocket-lint) - Sky volition clasp a large property league connected Thursday 7 October wherever it volition launch thing "magical". This is wide thought to beryllium its Sky Q implicit broadband work - a mode of accessing each Sky programming and channels, but without the request for a satellite. However, determination could besides beryllium thing other connected the docket too.

It being reported that Sky volition present its ain astute TV range.

A Sky Q astute TV could connection Sky services arsenic portion of the TV's ain functionality, each streamed implicit the internet. Plus, existing deals with Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Disney+ and different streaming services (as intergrated into the Sky Q container experience) mean the TV could beryllium an all-in-one package.

Sky has besides had a woody with LG successful the past, arsenic it's TV exertion partner. Maybe the caller Sky-branded TVs could leaverage that partnership?

Either way, the Financial Times claims that it volition let Sky to vie against the aforesaid streaming services it presently works with - particularly erstwhile it comes to bidding for caller content.

"We perpetually look astatine caller technologies to bring our customers much of the contented that they love. ​We don’t remark connected merchandise rumours," the boradcaster said successful a statement.

We'll bring you much connected the build-up to the "magical" lawsuit successful October.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 21 September 2021.

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