Instagram boss admits native iPad app would be good, but don't hold your breath

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(Pocket-lint) - Instagram's CEO Adam Mosseri precocious told a instrumentality requesting a autochthonal iPad mentation of the app that it's a bully idea. However, helium besides revealed that it's besides improbable to hap anytime soon.

There are plans to adhd the quality to station done the Instagram website - with immoderate adjacent having proceedings entree to the diagnostic present - but it's ever been baffling that a autochthonal iPad app is not available.

It's imaginable to instal the iPhone app onto an iPadOS instrumentality and station from there, but it's hardly ideal. It is sized for an iPhone screen, truthful you person to grow it (using the arrow icons successful the bottommost close of the screen) and it conscionable looks clumsy.

That's wherefore the query and Mosseri's response: "It’d beryllium bully to do."

Sadly though, it seems the Facebook-owned marque has different priorities: "But there’s a batch to bash and lone truthful galore people, truthful it hasn’t made the cut," helium added to his Instagram Stories posting during a idiosyncratic Q&A.

What sweetens the pill somewhat is that the soon-to-be-released iOS 15 volition adhd the quality to tally iPhone apps successful scenery mode. This means you tin tally it without having to grow the surface and alongside different apps portion multitasking.

Writing by Rik Henderson. Originally published connected 14 September 2021.

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