EPOS adds Bluetooth audio to its wired H3 Hybrid gaming headset

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(Pocket-lint) - EPOS has done a coagulated occupation of gathering a niche for itself successful the ever-competitive gaming headset market, breaking distant from its genitor marque Sennheiser to connection a scope of awesome headsets astatine antithetic prices.

Now, it's iterating connected 1 of its wired models, the H3, with a caller mentation called the H3 Hybrid that makes 1 cardinal summation - dual Bluetooth audio.

This means that portion you'll inactive usage the headset utilizing a wired transportation for console gaming, you'll besides person the enactment of connecting to your telephone oregon different instrumentality utilizing Bluetooth. This is perfect for those who usage third-party chat bundle similar Discord, oregon anyone who likes to perceive to euphony portion they play.

Another alteration comes wherever the roar microphone is acrophobic - it's present removable, letting you instrumentality it disconnected wholly erstwhile you don't privation to usage it, alternatively than conscionable being up and distant from your face. More options similar these are ever appreciated, particularly erstwhile the basal is simply a headset arsenic comfy arsenic the H3 was.

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EPOS specialises successful super-long artillery life, truthful you'll get 37 hours of Bluetooth connectivity from the headset, which is ace impressive, and that'll marque it large for anyone who hops betwixt mobile and console gaming connected the fly. The headset is disposable present for a somewhat steep £149.

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills. Originally published connected 14 September 2021.

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