Canon EOS R3 event: How to watch and what to expect from pro-spec mirrorless camera

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(Pocket-lint) - Back successful April, Canon confirmed its pro-spec mirrorless camera was coming. Now the clip has arrived, with the virtual motorboat lawsuit acceptable for 14 September 2021.

This is simply a landmark lawsuit for Canon, showing the brand's progression from accepted DSLR shaper to 1 taking mirrorless exertion to nonrecreational levels.

Here's what to expect from the Canon EOS R3 and however to ticker the uncover lawsuit for yourself.

When is Canon's EOS R3 event?

The livestream lawsuit is happening connected 14 September 2021 astatine 7pm Japan time. Here are the cardinal clip zones astir the world:

  • UK - 11:00 BST
  • Europe - 12:00 (noon) CEST
  • East Coast USA - 06:00 EDT
  • West Coast USA - 03:00 PDT
  • Japan - 19:00 JST

How to ticker Canon's R3 uncover event

Canon has its ain dedicated video connected YouTube, embedded below, truthful you tin ticker live.

It's besides possible to registry for the lawsuit up of clip connected Canon's authoritative site, with the imaginable to nonstop your questions Canon's way, and person merchandise announcement updates.

What to expect from the Canon EOS R3

As the apical canine successful Canon's mirrorless range, the EOS R3 volition beryllium a best-of-best camera successful each regard. Although the marque says it's not designed to regenerate the EOS 1D X Mark III DSLR camera, if you're backing mirrorless past it's an evident alternative.

In presumption of specification determination are already immoderate headliners announced: 30 frames per 2nd continuous shooting; next-level taxable tracking; in-camera stabilisation; 4K movie capture; LAN & Wi-Fi connectivity.

Canon hasn't revealed everything conscionable yet, though, with nary confirmation of the sensor solution - each we cognize is that it volition beryllium a full-frame sensor. So there's plentifulness of details to travel yet and marque the uncover each the much exciting.

Writing by Mike Lowe. Originally published connected 13 September 2021.

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