Best PlayStation deals for Black Friday 2021: Will there be PS5 deals in 2021?

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(Pocket-lint) - PlayStation fans rejoice, we're expecting plentifulness of astonishing savings connected accessories acknowledgment to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Black Friday falls connected 26 November successful 2021.

PlayStation 5 has been 1 of the hottest selling consoles implicit the past year, with galore not getting their hands connected 1 past Christmas and beardown income expected arsenic we deed Black Friday 2021. Last twelvemonth we saw discounts crossed a wide scope of PS4 accessories and arsenic the PlayStation 5 is compatible with galore PS4 add-ons, we're expecting plentifulness of excitement astir PlayStation income successful 2021.

PS Plus is majorly important if you privation to play online (and get escaped games) connected some PS4 and PS5 - and antecedently determination person been large Black Friday discounts connected 12-month membership, truthful that's worthy checking retired whichever console you have.

It's inactive immoderate clip until Black Friday 2021, but we'll beryllium scouring the nett looking for the champion PlayStation discounts successful the US and UK.

What PlayStation discounts are we expecting successful the Black Friday sales?

With PlayStation 5 flying disconnected the shelves successful 2021, we wouldn't expect excessively galore consecutive discount deals connected PlayStation 5. We fishy galore volition inactive beryllium selling the console astatine afloat terms due to the fact that the request for each versions of the PS5 remains strong. 

There mightiness beryllium bundles that are much appealing, however, with immoderate retailers choosing to enactment unneurotic a package. This tin perchance prevention if you're aft the accessories oregon games successful that package, but we fishy for the console itself, you won't prevention a immense magnitude successful 2021. 

We fishy the discounts volition beryllium focused connected accessories instead, some authoritative and third-party, truthful you're apt to beryllium capable to prevention connected headsets and controllers, portion games are often wide discounted excessively - but arsenic we said, there's usually a bully woody connected PS Plus to beryllium had.

Who volition beryllium offering the champion PlayStation Black Friday deals, and when?

We're expecting the Black Friday income to commencement a mates of weeks earlier 26 November. While that day astatine the extremity of November is the cardinal day for the income lawsuit - followed by Cyber Monday connected 29 November - usually it's a model of sales, truthful we're expecting discounts to commencement from large retailers astir the mediate of November. 

We'll beryllium breaking down the champion deals beneath erstwhile those deals person been announced, but you tin leap consecutive to the applicable income pages utilizing the links below. 

US PlayStation deals

UK PlayStation deals


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US Black Friday and Cyber Monday PlayStation deals past year

While determination are nary PS4 console bundle deals astir this Black Friday and Cyber Monday, determination are plentifulness of accessories you tin dainty yourself with. Many besides enactment with the PS5.

Here are the champion we've recovered truthful far.

• Turtle Beach Recon 70 headset, present $23: A gaming headset with a flip-up mic for a large price. See this Walmart deal

• Turtle Beach Recon 200 headset, present $29.99 (save $30): A large wired gaming headset successful some achromatic oregon achromatic is connected connection now. Check retired this Best Buy deal

• Astro Gaming A10 headset for PS4, present $49.99 (save $10): Comes successful the colours of the PS4 (blue and black). See this woody connected Best Buy

• Astro Gaming A40 headset for PS4 and PS5, present $119.99 (save $30): Made for each consoles, including PS5. View this Best Buy woody here

UK Black Friday and Cyber Monday PlayStation deals past year

Although determination are nary PS5 console oregon PSVR bundle deals this year, present are immoderate large deals connected accessories we've found.

Razer Raiju Turnament Edition Wireless PS4 Controller, present £84.99 (save £35): A pro modular controller for PS4 with a hairsbreadth trigger mode for much precision. Check retired the woody connected Argos

PS4-compatible wireless gaming controller, present £31.99: This third-party controller offers a inexpensive mode to cater for other players. See this Amazon offer

DualShock 4 controller and FIFA 21 bundle, present £69.99: Get the champion footy crippled astir positive a brand-new authoritative PS4 controller successful an astonishing bundle connection - tin beryllium upgraded to PS5 transcript of crippled for escaped from December. View this FIFA 21 and DualShock 4 bundle woody connected Game here

• Logitech G29 Driving Force Steering Wheel for PS4, present £172.99 (save £27): If you emotion racing games, this premium steering instrumentality could marque them much fun. Check retired this Argos deal

SteelSeries Arctis 7 gaming headset, present £99.99 (save £59): Completely compatible with PS4 and PS5, this wireless headset offers 7.1 virtual situation sound. View the deal  connected Currys/PC World

SteelSeries Arctis 5 wireless gaming headset, present £74.99 (save £15): A large marque headset designed for PS4 - comes with RGB illumination. See the large deal  connected Amazon

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PDP Gaming LVL40 stereo headset, present £17.99: Designed for PS4, this headset comes with a flip to mute feature. View the woody connected Game

Asottu 15.6-inch portable gaming display, present £127.20 (save £31.80): Take your PlayStation gaming astir with you, with this portable Full HD monitor. Get this Amazon connection here

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