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There’s a reason why the Apple boilerplate is a frequently used example for what a boilerplate should look like in marketing circles. It’s clear, avoids Best Press Release Distribution jargon, lists out all their offerings, includes data and notes down what they strive to do.

The lead gets right to the point. The journalist knows that Press Release Services this is a new product release. They’re also made aware of the various features that make this laptop so impressive to customers.

One important thing to keep in mind when crafting a Free Press Release Sites new hire press release is that you mention the name of the individual and the designation they hold in the title itself.

The body copy follows the inverted pyramid format to a tee. 

It starts off by including a quote from a senior ranking official describing why this new release is a huge achievement for Apple.  This establishes a human Best Press Release Service element that helps them reach their audience better.

Not only does it mention the contact details of the PR agents, but also of the company’s media helpline.

Source: PRNewswire
There are a lot of things this press release example does well like the title, lead and quotes.

Note how the media release also follows the inverted pyramid formula well. At the start of the article, it distills the purpose of the robot into very easily understandable terms.

It’s only towards the end of the article, after you’ve got a Free Press Release Submission Sites good idea of what the robot is, does it go into the technical facts and details.

Source: PRNewswire
The first thing that strikes you about this press release example is how it’s about something urgent – it focuses on something that’s currently going on. It also focuses on something with an obvious social and emotional impact for a reader.

The body follows the inverted pyramid formula and Press Release Submission Sites includes a relevant quote as well.

It’s clear, concise and simple. It’s also attention-grabbing – something that’s bound to attract reporters and customers.

Before the intro para or lead, it mentions where the news is taking place. In this example, the location is New York. 

However, unlike other types of press releases, this official statement includes the contact information within the body itself. 

Usually, this break in structure wouldn’t fit very well, but with the topic at hand, this is important information that deserves to be presented higher up in the press release.

This is especially important as the core of this official statement is condensed into those two points:

Using the lead to note down the qualifications and past achievements of the individual is also a good idea. It gives reporters and editors a better Press Release Writing Service understanding of the individual’s background and why this hire is noteworthy.

Note: These five press release types aren’t the only ones out there. 

Sometimes you’ll need a social media press release to appeal to social media influencers and bloggers. Sometimes you’ll need a music press release template for certain events. 

The list goes on! 

Just use these examples we listed here as a guide to what usually works.

Best Practices to Follow When Writing Press Releases
Here are some key things to keep in mind when writing press releases for maximum media coverage.

When writing press releases, ask yourself – “What am I trying to achieve out of this?”

Is it boosting your social media following? Building brand awareness for a crowdfunding campaign? Tapping into physical media like newspapers?

It’s important to identify this at the start because, in order to reach each of these goals, you’ll have to adopt different strategies. 

Remember a crowdfunding press release for a new innovation will look a lot different than a nonprofit press release looking for donations!

Remember, you’re writing a press release for Best Press Release Distribution Service journalists. So when you’re writing a press release, you’ll have to adopt a journalistic style of writing.

How do you do that? 

By thinking like one.

3. Target the Right Beat
I cannot stress how important this is.

You could have the greatest media release ever, but if your sales pitch goes to the wrong journalist or publication, you’re going to go nowhere.

There are two things to keep in mind when you’re about to pitch your press release:

Whether the journalist or publication you’re pitching to covers the area that your product or service is involved in
Whether the people who read their work align with your target audience 
Think about it.

Can you imagine a book press release being sent to a publication who exclusively deals with music? 

Their reader base isn’t going to align with your target audience!

You can find out more about how to pitch to the right journalists and publications here.

When Should You Send a Press Release?
Just like in social media marketing, the timing of your Video Press Release content plays a huge role. The time you release a press release can make or break your chances of success.

You would ideally want to send a press release at a time when it can get the most exposure. Ideally, your press release should arrive at a time when reporters and editors are willing to go through it.

Journalists go through hundreds of pitches every day. The last thing they want to do is sift through tons of sentences to find out if it’s relevant. 

If relevant information is easily accessible in the title and lead, they’re more likely to give it a chance.

Also, remember that they’re not public relations professionals or influencers on social channels. That’s why it’s a good idea to keep your press release writing factual – not exaggerated.

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