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Wichita native creates app to help find local restaurants that are still open

Restaurants across the area have empty dining rooms because of COVID-19, but not all of them are closed and one local man is trying to make it easier to find your favorite food. 

To help navigate which places are still doing togo Wichita News orders and deliveries Drake Dukes recently launched 

Dukes grew up in Wichita but now lives in Dallas, Texas, and it was there where he first had the idea to group together restaurant information. 

"When I launched in Dallas it was kind of more of a testing ground," said Dukes. "I had a great reception and so immediately I came home, and I visited my family and wanted to do this for Wichita."

If you go to, you can add the website to your home screen and from there you can search through all of the restaurants in the area. 

"This information is changing daily," said Dukes. "So what I wanted to do is to kind of aggregate everything that is out there and see if I could put it on a mobile platform that people could use on the go. They can always be checking in as soon as they're ready to order some food."

Dukes' app along with other websites and Facebook groups have helped local businesses like The Angry Elephant avoid fully closing. 

"This week we were busier during the week than we really ever have been," said The Angry Elephant Owner Santiago Munoz. "It's been a pretty good response and I know that's not the case for a lot of people. "

"This is definitely times where you’ve got to Press Release Distribution Services In Wichita band together," said Drakes. "Wichita is a real tight knit community and it’s really good to see the engagement and support."

Munoz said the support shouldn’t stop at ordering takeout. 

"If you know somebody with two or three kids and just lost their job, hey buy them dinner, take them 50 bucks or something." said Munoz."That’s all I can say is, just look out for one another right now."

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